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Culinary Travel in China and Asia Thanks to Food Network launched in 1993, America has become more sophisticated with how food should look, prepared and taste. Thanks to Food Network success, many TV culinary shows are dominating our TV landscapes now with celebrity chefs such Gordon Ramsey (Hell's Kitchen), Mario Batali and Bobby Flay (Iron Chef America), Andrew Zimmern with Bizarre Foods, and of course from the late Anthony Bourdain. Chef Bourdain is well-known to bridge the food and the local culture that makes it more up-close and personal, on how we look at food preparation and how the locals consume them.
Now more than ever Americans traveling domestically or overseas are into this food adventure, and more open to explore the local food scenes than ever. Thus, a culinary travel is born. Let's take you to the culinary havens of China, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. Learn how we combine the whole food culinary tour with upscale accommodations, private sightseeing tours, and the main attractions of experiencing the local cuisines.
Chinatour.com has generous travel agent commission on our tour series dates at 10%. Travel agent will earn as much as 14% commission, and a bonus of $100.00 Visa or M. Card Gift Card on customized tour programs.

One Lucky Attendee Will Win $50.00 Gift Card!
10/22/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Scenic Eclipse. Yes, Thank You! Scenic Eclipse, newly christened by Dame Helen Mirren is an Expedition Vessel with 114 cabins sailing the Mediterranean, Baltic, Arctic, Americas, Caribbean and Antarctic. This is the place where luxury meets discovery; where style meets substance with 10 dining venues, a 5,000 square foot spa, a discovery team of over 20 – and yes, a helicopter and submarine. Surprisingly affordable – or over the top luxurious. Choose your itinerary & category. Eclipse can make it happen.

Join Jennifer Reynolds, BDM for FL and former Shore Excursion Manager (18 years) who has experience in many of these ports. See why you should be looking at Eclipse.

One very lucky attendee will win a $200 Gift Card!
10/24/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Save Time And Money, While Increasing Sales With Avoya's Leading Resources Looking for more time? Join us for an exclusive live webinar in which your host, Chris Greene, Director of Network Growth at Avoya Travel, discusses how taking advantage of Avoya’s industry-leading marketing and technology resources and services can help you save time and money, while increasing sales and efficiency. Whether you have an established independent travel business or you’re just starting to expand into the travel industry, you can achieve business success and growth, while finding more time to enjoy what matters in life.11/5/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Boost your Success as a Travel Advisor by Partnering with the Best Tired of going it alone? Thinking about joining a travel host agency but not sure where to start? Considering moving to another host?

Join us for this virtual master class and find out why Nexion Travel Group is the nation’s leading travel host agency. Consistently recognized in the industry by member travel advisors, suppliers and organizations, including as ASTA’s Host Agency of the Year (three times, including 2019!), Nexion’s approach to your success is simply unrivaled. We have so many new and exciting tools and resources that experienced travel advisors are going to love, so be sure to join us for this informative webinar.

Learn how, with Nexion Travel Group as your full-service travel host agency, you will:

• BE MORE PROFITABLE with the industry's highest commissions and marketing solutions
• BE MORE PRODUCTIVE using myNexion®, our robust technology platform, plus a Customer Relationship Management program included in your membership
• BE MORE CONNECTED with new marketing and lead generation programs to keep your agency top of mind
• BE MORE EFFECTIVE with our award-winning business development and education
• BE MORE SUPPORTED with our empowering team of supportive travel advisors, dedicated staff and industry experts

Be sure to save your spot today for this Travel Host Agency 101 and Discover the Nexion Travel Group Difference!
One lucky attendee will win a 1-hour complimentary coaching session!
11/7/20193:00pm EST1 hour
5 Word Swaps That Will Increase Your Sales! Marketers and advertisers have been harnessing the power of words to sell us things for centuries…and, so should you in your business.
Your words in the sales consultation process can make the difference between crafting the perfect experience (and sale!) with ease, or struggling through the process with friction and disappointment.

It’s a combination of art and science. In this webinar Jenn Lee will share five word swaps and phrases you can adopt right away to increase your bottom line.

Two Lucky Attendees will win 30 minute marketing consultation with Jenn Lee!
11/19/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Agencia Global Webinar11/21/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar12/5/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Passport Online Webinar12/10/20193:00pm EST1 hour
ILT and IFC Brands Webinar12/12/20193:00pm EST1 hour