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Upcoming Webinars:

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Secrets To Selling Walking and Cycling trips With Exodus Travels The active travel sector is one of the fastest growing markets in the travel industry and with over 500 itineraries and 45 years in operation, Exodus Travels is the original hiking and cycling adventure travel company. Active itineraries are in our DNA, and we have been designing walking and cycling tours and expeditions for over 40 years. From our first few treks through the Nepalese Himalaya, our walking and cycling tours have come from humble beginnings to being the best active tour collection worldwide.
Join us for this informative webinar to:
• Understand what an Exodus Walking or Cycling trip is all about, and what makes Exodus an industry leading
Walking & Cycling tour operator
• Gain a solid understanding of the concept of a cycling or walking tour
• Learn more about the different gradings attached to our active trips
• Get a picture of the types of client who takes an active tour
• Learn how to sell a walking or cycling tour with much more confidence and knowledge even if you are not an avid walker or cyclist yourself

One Very Lucky Attendee will win a $500 Exodus Travel Voucher!
5/2/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Six Sure-Fire Ways to Be the Best Travel Advisor You Can Be There’s strength in numbers! Get ahead of the competition and shine as a travel professional with Nexion Travel Group, the nation’s leading travel host agency, behind you. Join us to hear how our clout as part of the Travel Leaders Group family, along with a strong family of 4,000+ leisure and corporate travel advisors, can help you be the best of the best. See a short demo on how you can earn more, work smarter and grow your business through Nexion’s superior tools, marketing resources, education and support.
Save your seat for this virtual discussion and demo, and learn how you can:
• EARN MORE with the industry’s highest commissions.
• SAVE TIME AND MONEY using our efficient booking and back-office tools + CRM tool, all included with your membership.
• CONNECT more with clients and consumers with marketing and lead generational programs to keep your agency top of mind.
• DEVELOP YOUR EXPERTISE with award-winning business development and education.
• NETWORK AND LEARN at national, regional and specialty events.
• JOIN AN EMPOWERING TEAM of supportive advisors, dedicated staff and industry experts.
The difference is clear – find out why joining Nexion Travel Group is the best business decision you can make.
One Lucky Attendee will win a 1 hour complimentary coaching based upon their unique business model/need. We have the leadership team that can meet your business and development needs
5/9/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Set Your Business Up for Success By Properly Qualifying Your Clients Access to the best tools and irresistible deals means nothing if your clients suck. Many travel advisors could save themselves from a lot of headaches and burn out all by properly qualifying their clients. In fact, learning how to qualify a client should be the foundation of your business.

In this one-hour webinar, Belinda will provide effective tools and tactics on how to vet potential clients, set the right expectations, and avoiding difficult clients.

By attending this one-hour webinar, agents will walk away with all the tools needed to properly qualify clients. This information is especially useful for new-to-the-industry agents or agents that have a hard time retaining clients.

Two Lucky Winners will receive a 30-minute consultation with Belinda Zimmerman on qualifying your clients. This can be done via Skype or by phone.
5/14/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Starting a Conversation on Social Media Social media is about engagement, conversation. Are you engaging your customers on your business Facebook page? Do you need some content to get a conversation started? Join Passport Online to learn how our ESP Social Media program is starting thousands of conversations between travel agents and travelers. Our content producers create engaging content and post to our travel agency customer business pages
By the end of 2018 our ESP services were helping to power more than 1,500 travel agency Facebook business pages and our customers saw a 170% increase in consumer comments on their FB pages. They saw a 110% increase in shares and nearly 75% increase in clicks. According to year end statistics reported by Facebook, more than 2.2 billion people are on Facebook and 78% of American consumers have discovered something on Facebook and then purchased it from a retailer or small business. The most popular post garnered more than 4,300 comments! A perfect chance to chat with your customers about their travel dreams.
In this webinar we’ll cover:
• Samples of successful social media content
• Simple process to jumpstart your social media now
• SEO. Websites and email marketing support options
• Best practices of our most successful ESP customers
5/16/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
MTravel Hosting Services Webinar Coming Soon!5/21/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
New York City Vacation Packages Webinar6/4/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
ShoreTrips Webinar6/18/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
AmaWaterways Webinar7/9/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar Coming Soon!7/16/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar Coming Soon!8/15/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Uniglobe Travel Center Webinar Coming Soon!9/3/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
AmaWaterways Webinar9/10/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
CruiseWorld Webinar9/12/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar Coming Soon!9/17/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
New York City Vacation Packages Webinar10/1/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
ILT and IFC Brands Webinar10/8/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
KHM Travel Group Webinar10/17/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar Coming Soon!11/7/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar Coming Soon!11/12/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar12/5/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Passport Online Webinar12/10/20193:00pm EST1 hour