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Upcoming Webinars:

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Make your Multiple Hats Work for Success in a Weird World Are you the chief hat wearer in your travel agency? No matter if you’re the agency owner, solopreneur or a frontline travel advisor, all of us are chief memory makers who must balance multiple hats to be successful, especially in today’s environment.

During this power hour, President of Nexion Travel Group Jackie Friedman will share ideas on how you can move your business forward by embracing and championing the many hats you wear as a travel advisor.

Your headwear wardrobe for this informative and fun virtual class includes:

• Hardhat for the business builder in you (protect those assets!)
• Chef hat for the marketer in you (trying new things and cooking up leads)
• Top hat for the juggler in you (you’ve got a life outside of your career, too)
• Fedora for the connector or communicator in you (are you the sleuth asking the right questions?)
• Santa hat for the counselor in you (it’s all about sharing joy and kindness)
• Ball cap for the administrator in you (got to stay comfy!)
• Turban (and don’t forget that crystal ball) for the fortune teller in you
• Wizard hat (and maybe your magic wand) for the magician in you
• Your favorite hat as the front-line hero
If the success of your travel business rests on your shoulders, and you’re feeling a bit unbalanced trying to do it all, join Jackie and members of the Nexion sales team September 24. They can’t wait to share helpful hints off their hat rack on how to get ahead and make your multiple hats work for success in a weird world.

One Lucky Attendee will win a one-hour complimentary coaching session!
9/24/20203:00pm EDT1 hour
Repositioning Your Travel Business for the Future Join us to learn why attending Travel Weekly’s CruiseWorld should be on the top of your recovery plan for this year. Ten lucky webinar participants will win FREE registration to participate in the event this fall!10/1/20203:30pm EDT1 hour
The 3 P’s for Growing Your Travel Agency Sales Exponentially You’ve probably heard PPP in the news a lot, but those aren’t the three P’s we’re talking about here. Instead, we’ll be discussing three important areas of your travel agency you should be focusing on in order to grow sales exponentially. Join Cruise Planners CEO & Founder Michelle Fee and SVP of Strategic Development Scott Koepf as they reveal their secrets for sustained sales growth. Attendees will leave this webinar with practical tips they can implement in their business today as well as ideas for long-term strategies that will have a lasting impact on their bottom line.

Two lucky attendees will also win a $50 American Express gift card.
10/6/20203:00pm EDT1 hour
Apple Leisure Group Webinar10/8/20203:00pm EDT1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar10/15/20203:00pm EDT1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar10/20/20203:00pm EDT1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar12/1/20203:00pm EST1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar12/8/20203:00pm EST1 hour