Travel Professional NEWS® offers a fantastic resource for Travel Professionals with their Webinars. Below you will find a schedule of upcoming Webinars, as well as Webinars that have been recorded and organized for your educational and viewing pleasure.


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Upcoming Webinars:

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Email Subject Line Best Practices This webinar will be the second in a four part series. Your Email subject line is the most important element in an effective Email marketing campaign. Discover how to create effective Email subject lines that get opened!

Join Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC and Tom Ogg to learn more!
2/19/20193:00pm EST30 minutes
The Place to Be & Learn: Become the Travel Expert with these Six Educational Opportunities that Will Blow Your Mind The travel industry is ever-changing, so advisors must evolve with it to remain knowledgeable and influential. Nexion Travel Group’s award-winning business development and educational programs are designed for every type of travel agent – leisure, corporate, beginners and experienced – to develop every facet of your professional persona.

Join Sales Managers Karlen Okamura and Wendy Graziano at time, date, as they interview a panel of esteemed business development and education experts on how to develop your expertise and every facet of your professional journey. Learn how:

• NEW-to-the-industry travel agents can earn commission while they learn with programs for independent learners, virtual campus participants and veterans
• EXPERIENCED travel advisors have access to programs that cultivate their expertise and maximize their profitability
• A mix of fundamentals events engage networking with the capacity to learn vital best practices and develop a competitive edge
• You can develop a profitable niche at specialty events, including luxury, corporate, group, marketing and more
• Nexion Travel Group’s international member conference is a can’t-miss event filled with exciting experiences and motivational insights in one action-packed location
• To tap into certified travel specialist and niche-specialist programs, a 24x7 Learning Management System, and live and virtual classroom education that bring results

Hone your skills. Bolster your expertise. With Nexion Travel Group, you will be more effective with our award-winning business development and education.
Be sure to register today, and Discover the Nexion Travel Group Difference!
2/21/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Partnering with AmaWaterways Please join AmaWaterways on Tuesday, February 26th, for a special Travel Professional News, hosted by AmaWaterways' Alex Pinelo, Vice President of Sales.

2019 is going to be an exciting year for AmaWaterways as they launch 3 new river ships – the AmaMagna, AmaMora and AmaDouro. Discover new wine itineraries, additions to our popular hotel extensions program and our new 4-night post tour extension, the “Rwanda Gorilla and Golden Monkey experience” as well as other new programs and amenities.

Don’t miss this exciting new opportunity to learn more about sailing on AmaWaterways award-winning fleet and how our commitment to innovation and excellence in river cruising will continue in 2019 and beyond.

One very lucky attendee will win a 7-night river cruise on a Seminar on the River, Christmas Market or New Year's Itinerary in 2019!
2/26/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Website & Social Media Presence Delivered As an entrepreneur running a busy travel business, you may not be able to dedicate time to creating and maintaining a website and regularly updating your business Facebook page. We understand that selling travel, servicing your customers and staying up-to-date on the products and destinations you sell has to be your priority. So, join us to learn about our new package that provides the independent travel entrepreneur with a website and integrated social media content to give your business a professional, automatically-updated digital presence.

Remember consumers like to shop when and where the mood strikes. They can shop on your website with engaging destination content, cruise and land itineraries and so much more, They can start dreaming with travel content on your Facebook pages and all calls of action will be right back to you so you can do what you do best, serve your customers and close the sale.

Join us to find out more!
2/28/20193:00pm EST1 hour
3 Honest Truths the Travel Industry Hasn’t Adopted (Yet). Being a successful travel agency owner is hard work. Every day, countless articles, books, and workshops promise to give you the sacred sales tips or secrets on how to run a business. But Jenn Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing for Travel Planners International, wants to let you in on a little secret. No matter how effective these strategies are, they mean nothing if travel advisors don’t move out of their own way.
In this one hour webinar, Jenn will break down 3 honest truths she learned from Marianne Williamson’s poem, Our Darkest Fear, that you need to embrace to achieve true success in your business and life.

Walk away with three beliefs/attitudes that will transform how they run their business and ultimately, how they live their life. While this is especially useful for those currently feeling stagnant in their business or those new-to-the-industry advisors, any advisor will benefit from this webinar.

Prizes for two lucky attendees!
• One 1-hour marketing consultation with Jenn Lee. Can be done via Skype or phone call.
• Free admission to Rock Your Travel Biz - a one day business-building workshop that will discuss profitability plus effective marketing solutions. Can attend in any one of four cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, and New Jersey (East Rutherford).
3/5/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Websites 101 - What are they and What Should they be doing for YOU. Rather than delving into the technical side of Websites, this webinar will give attendees a basic course on what different things websites can be used for and the best way to layout and develop effective websites based on what you really want and need your website to do for your business.

Geoff Millar, successful travel agency owner and industry speaker shares the do's and don'ts of planning, developing and using a website to promote and increase your business.

Topics Include:

• Many uses for a website
• Design criteria
• Paid advertising
• Links to your website
• Functionality and cost

Join us for this informative and enlightening webinar!
3/19/20193:00pm PDT1 hour
Dugan's Travels Webinar Coming Soon!4/9/20193:00pm PDT1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar Coming Soon!5/9/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar Coming Soon!5/14/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
MTravel Hosting Services Webinar Coming Soon!5/21/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar Coming Soon!7/16/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar Coming Soon!8/15/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Uniglobe Travel Center Webinar Coming Soon!9/3/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar Coming Soon!9/17/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Nexion Travel Group Webinar Coming Soon!11/7/20193:00pm EST1 hour
Travel Planners International Webinar Coming Soon!11/12/20193:00pm EST1 hour