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Travel Has to Change – Top Travel Experts Discuss How We Can ‘Retravel’ Better

Travel Has to Change - Top Travel Experts Discuss How We Can ‘Retravel’ Better

Leading industry voices tackle hot topics in new ‘Retravel Live’ virtual event series


The current global pandemic has given us all pause for thought. While the travel industry is meeting its gravest challenge to-date, there is a huge opportunity for a new style of travel to emerge; one that is centred around cultural exchange and ensuring local people and places benefit from all forms of travel. For too long the travel industry has been exploitative, but times are changing and travel companies and travellers need to evolve.


Over the next few months, small group adventure operator, G Adventures, will be hosting a series of live discussions with leading voices from across the industry to tackle the most pressing issues facing travel today. Calling on consumers, travel agents, suppliers and media to join the conversation, Retravel Live will shine a light on the traveler’s power to enact change and contribute to making the new way of travel better for everyone.


The first Retravel Live event on September 30, 2020 at 12pm EDT, will cover the impact of the shift from ‘overtourism’ to ‘undertourism’, whether the new buzzword ‘regenerative travel’ will be more than just a fad, and how travellers can take actionable steps to ‘retravel’ better when they book their next vacation. Guest panelists are Elizabeth Becker, author of Overbooked, Juliet Kinsman, sustainability editor at Conde Nast Traveller U.K. and George Stone, editor in chief of National Geographic Traveler.


G Adventures’ founder, Bruce Poon Tip, who will also host ‘Retravel Live: An important conversation about travel’ says this is the first in this series of enlightening and inspiring online conversations focused on the ways we can all travel better.


“I’m honored to sit alongside this panel of expert special guests who are all proven thought leaders in the world of travel. We’re all united in our vision that travel can and must be done better, and together we’ll be tackling the hottest issues facing the industry, discussing how we can “retravel” the right way, and sharing tangible ways our audience can make the right decisions,” says Poon Tip.


Event: Retravel Live: An important conversation about travel

Date: 30 September, 2020

Time: 12.00pm EDT / 5pm BST



More about our featured panellists:


  • Elizabeth Becker, author, Overbooked

Elizabeth Becker is the author of “Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism” which was hailed by Arthur Former as “required reading” about the future of global tourism. In 2019, Conde Nast Traveler named Elizabeth one of the people who has changed how the world travels because of her book and one of the most powerful women in the travel world for emphasizing a conservationist ethic in tourism.

  • Juliet Kinsman, sustainability editor, Conde Nast Traveller, U.K.

Juliet Kinsman is a UK-based writer, journalist and sustainable travel expert. As the first sustainability editor for Condé Nast Traveller and a regular guest for BBC Radio London, she is passionate about inspiring people to make travel a force for good. Her new book ‘The Green Edit: Travel, Easy Tips for the Eco-Friendly Traveller’, looks at how travelers can change their travel habits to have a more positive impact.

  • George Stone – Editor in Chief, National Geographic Traveler U.S.

A globe-trotting writer and editor for more than 25 years, George Stone directs National Geographic’s travel media strategy across platforms and drives the publication of content that helps readers explore the world with an ethic of conservation. George leads the development of journalistically sound storytelling that sparks curiosity and adventure, extends the National Geographic brand to new audiences, and serves a global community of travelers who care about the planet.

  • Bruce Poon Tip, founder, G Adventures (host and moderator)

Passionate about the power of travel to change the world for the better, Bruce Poon Tip is a global leader in social entrepreneurship, leadership, immersive travel, and innovation. In 2020, Bruce was honoured as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, and released an instabook titled Unlearn: The Year the Earth Stood Still.


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