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Social Media Channels That Make Sense

As a business, you need every possible edge these days. The days of making a regular ad in the newspaper as a cornerstone of your marketing strategy are over. These days, if you’re not promoting your business online, you might as well be invisible.


But where do you concentrate your efforts for the best effects? Social media marketing is highly effective, but which site do you choose? That will depend mainly on your target market.


Facebook, for example, is not as popular with younger adults as sites like Instagram. A lot of millennials will tell you that Facebook is the site that their parents use.


You don’t have to concentrate on just one social media site, though. You can post on both Facebook and Instagram if you like. We do recommend that you stick to just two or maybe three social media sites. More than that becomes very difficult to manage properly.


Instagram Popularity Is on the Rise

Instagram is becoming extremely popular with companies because it has some interesting features that are easy to use. Just to give you a heads-up, 1 in 3 of the most viewed Stories on Instagram come from popular businesses.


This feature is so useful because it allows for a lot of creativity. Check out the infographic below to see how big businesses have been using Stories to their benefit.


You’ll see that there are several different approaches that you can take. All that limits you is your time and creativity. You don’t need a professional camera crew or expensive video equipment. A decent smartphone will be enough for a start.


That said, remember that this is a professional video. So, don’t get too slapdash when shooting it. Take time to think about the type of content you will post and plan it out properly.


Frame the video diligently, spend some time making sure that the lighting is right, and, by all means, check the sound quality. People will be forgiving to some extent, but a bad quality video is not going to cut it here.


All that leaves us with is one burning issue – what story are you going to tell first?


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