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Seadust Cancun Family Resort Presents New Guest Portal

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The family-friendly hotelier aims to enhance guests’ vacations by empowering them with full access to perks, redeem points and personalized stays


Cancun, Mexico (July 17, 2019) – With the summer season in full swing, Seadust Cancun Family Resort is proud to announce the implementation of its online Guest Portal to invite guests to take full control of their vacation. Aside from providing families with the best vacation memories, the family friendly resort continues to enhance guests’ experiences by introducing a new tool, allowing travelers to personalize their next visit to Seadust Cancun Family Resort.


Developed by TravelClick, a trusted hotel partner with more than three decades of industry experience offering innovating, cloud-based and data driven solutions, the Guest Portal allows guests to register and create personalized profiles even before booking or arriving to Seadust Cancun Family Resort. Once visitors register and create their profile on the platform available directly through Seadust Cancun’s website, guests are given the option to enter personal preferences so the resort’s staff can cater to guests’ every need during their stay.


On top of offering a personalized stay by catering to every need and personal preference, the Guest Portal allows guests to earn points and redeem them for various amenities including sparkling wine, in-room gourmet dinners, fruit baskets, chocolate covered strawberries, breakfast in the resort’s oceanfront restaurant Atlantis, and much more. Points will be awarded to the guest’s account after checking out and can be used on their next visit. Always delivering a value-drive offering, Seadust Cancun is the ideal Caribbean getaway where families can obtain attractive perks for their stay.


By registering to the online Guest Portal, guests can become members of three different existing categories: Blue, Silver and Gold Member. The first level category is Blue Member, all Seadust Cancun guests will automatically join this category and receive open access to the list of amenities offered at the resort and will also receive 4 points for every dollar spent on stays. The second category is Silver Member created for guests who fulfill a minimum of 12 nights in the resort. Visitors who are part of the Silver Member category obtain 6 points for every dollar spent on their reservation. The top-level category within the online Guest Portal is the Gold Member status. To receive Gold member status, guest needs to fulfill the minimum 24 nights in the resort. In this top level, guests obtain 8 points for each dollar spent on their stays, to redeem for various amenities.


Through the new online Guest Portal, the Cancun resort aims to plan bigger strategies for the future to strengthen guest relations and experience. Seadust Cancun Family Resort takes into consideration guests’ needs and desires in every way possible.


To begin your Guest Portal or reserve your stay, please visit, or call 1-800-233-5162.



About Seadust Cancun Family Resort 


Seadust Cancun Family Resort overlooks the idyllic beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. Offering spacious accommodations, 11 restaurants, ten bars, cinema-style theater, full-service spa, large meeting spaces and various family-friendly amenities including a waterpark, zipline and mini-golf course, among others. Seadust Cancun Family Resort’s unparalleled levels of service make it ideal for families to disconnect from their regular lives and connect with each other.  For more information, please visit