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Mixology Experiences for All Ages at Solmar Hotels & Resorts

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With a diverse mixology and mocktail menu, families are invited to ‘mix it up’ with the collection’s blend of fun activities for all


LOS CABOS, Mexico (July 17, 2019)Solmar Hotels & Resorts, the collection of seven all-suite properties in Los Cabos, is enhancing its ample menu of experiences by offering guests mixology and mocktail classes and inviting the entire family to bond while sipping on favorite beverages. Spearheaded by Solmar Hotels & Resorts’ very own board of expert mixologists, this experience brings their own mixology practices into the new creations.


“The addition of mocktails to our mixology menus allows adults to enjoy the best of Solmar Hotels & Resorts’ refined mixology, and children to beat the heat and enjoy beverages past the usual soft drinks,” said Ricardo Orozco, Vice President of Operations for Solmar Hotels & Resorts. “We are dedicated to providing family friendly fun in all aspects of our resorts, and we are glad to exemplify this with our new mixology offering.”


While the collection of hotels offers breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez, its Solmar Hotels & Resorts’ house mixologists who make this experience unique. David Reyes Nuñez, house mixologist for Solmar Hotels & Resorts’ newest property, Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas Resort Golf & Spa, is known for incorporating his expertise on molecular mixology into his artisanal creations at the bar. Nuñez uses the science of gastronomic mixology, special equipment and techniques to the shaker, to create new flavors and make every presentation a memorable one; from gels and powders, to foams and multi-layered concoctions. One of the creations within the menu that employs one of Nuñez’s techniques is the Hibiscus Bacardi.


Gilberto Arellano Contreras, mixologist for Grand Solmar at Land’s End Resort & Spa, has handcrafted cocktails at the beachfront property since 2015, and his passion for creating new beverages for guests has only grown. Contreras’s own creation in the menu is the Guava Paradise.


David Cervantes López, mixologist for Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa, joined the Food and Beverage team on property in 2016, and has always been a team player, reflected in his efforts to creating the  mocktail menu. López’s creation in the menu is the Watermelon Margarita.


The mixology class allows guests to select their favorite spirit and explore different ways to prepare them: from rum to vodka and even mezcal. For the little ones in the family, they’re invited to choose their favorite fruits, sourced from nearby organic farms, and craft their own creations. Once the basic ingredients are chosen, the master mixologist will guide guests on every step of the cocktail or mocktail creation with clear instructions on how to mix the ingredients using special bartending tools and the process of selection. That afternoon, children will be able to be their own master mixologist as they shake their ingredients up and bring their artisanal drink to life. Also, the master mixologist dedicates attention to every member of the experience, making sure the cocktails and mocktails are being made correctly and that children are having fun in a safe environment.


After the cocktails and mocktails have been created and enjoyed, each member of the family will receive a special diploma to add to their unforgettable vacation in Los Cabos. Popular cocktails within the mixology experience for adults range from the aesthetically pleasing ‘Happy Mom’ to the Mezcalita, a twist to the traditional margarita using mezcal. Mocktails for children in the new menu will range from a spin to traditional Mexican cocktails to new beverages infusing Baja’s fresh produce. Featured beverages include: Green Refresh, made with kiwi, mint, lemon, cucumber and serrano peppers; Purple, with a base of blackberries, orange, mango, pineapple and rosemary; and the most popular among little ones, Dia Rosa, which blends coconut cream, strawberries, pineapple, cherries and grenadine.


Mixology classes are available to all guests and can be arranged at any Solmar Hotels & Resorts’ guest services desks. To kick off the new experience, Solmar Hotels & Resorts is offering guests a 10 percent discount on the master mixologists’ signature cocktails for the month of August. For more information and reservations,