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Medellín a New Luxury Experience for Travelers in 2020

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New York, N.Y., Aug. 12, 2019—-From its incredible diversity to its unspoiled natural beauty, history and rich culture, Colombia is a distinct destination like no other. In 2016, former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, which aroused interest from travelers around the world to visit. Since then, Colombia has become a top-emerging destination.


Medellín, a city that was once famous for its high crime, has reinvigorated its reputation as the new unique and luxurious place to vacation. On Luxury Gold’s new 2020 journey to Colombia, travelers will explore all that Medellín has to offer during their 3-day stay–and it’s nothing short of extraordinary.


With a passionate Traveling Concierge and exquisite restaurants and hotel accommodations, Luxury Gold will provide guests a first-class experience in this intriguing Colombian city.


“My homeland, Colombia, is an emerging travel destination ready to be discovered,” said Luxury Gold’s Vice President of Marketing, Willie Montano. “The country offers a contrast of climates, with spectacular sightseeing, rich history and immersive cosmopolitan cities with friendly locals. Our guests will discover the wonders of Colombia in a true luxurious style.”


Medellín’s City hall describes its city as a place full of biodiversity, culture and technology with gems hidden on every corner. It’s also nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” for its mild and refreshing temperatures throughout the year.


“Medellín is a city that’s constantly changing, leaving its past violence behind to breathe in new fresh air,” said a spokesperson for The Greater Medellín Convention & Visitors Bureau. “You can see the inspiring changes of the city around you, such as our famous escalators in Comuna 13—known as the first public and free escalators in the country.


Below are four unique attractions in Medellín that should be on any travelers’ bucket list:


1. Antioquia Museum: For a VIP experience, guests will experience a private early visit to the Antioquia Museum, which houses Fernando Botero’s art collection. They will be guided by their granddaughter, Alejandra Quintana, as they explore his iconic work. This museum is special for Medellín because it houses one of the largest collections of public art in the world, many of which are outdoor sculptures. Plaza Botero exhibits 23 monumental sculptures that have contributed to the process of transformation of the sector and the culture of the city.


2. Coffee farms: Many travelers know that Colombia is very famous for its coffee, and specialized coffee farms are very close to Medellín. Its coffee is known for the quality and mild flavor that’s obtained through different thermal floors and a traditional and selective collection of the fruits of the Arab species. About forty minutes from the center of the city, Luxury Gold guests will take a full VIP tour of the Andes mountains to visit specialized farms, such as the Plantation of Café La Sierra– which is one of the oldest coffee farms Colombia. Guests will meet the farm owner and learn more about the industry as they help plant some coffee bushes. After lunch, they will enjoy a coffee tasting to discover the various flavor profiles.


3. Unique gastronomy: The gastronomy in Medellín is a mix of diverse cuisine composed of “traditional own” dishes, as well as dishes from other cultures. Its great variety opens the way as one of the main attractions for visitors. The city’s most famous restaurant, El Cielo, offers Creole cuisine, distilled food, concentrates and vacuum-cooked dishes. Luxury Gold guests will visit this restaurant that was created by Juan Manuel Barrientos, who is one of the 50 best chefs in Latin America. He is famous for bringing the art and science of molecular gastronomy to Medellín, his hometown.


4. Communa 13: Many travelers know Medellín for hosting one of the world’s mostnotorious criminals, Pablo Escobar. His legacy left a great cultural impact on many of the city’s neighborhoods. Comuna 13 is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in the country, and is full of history, street art, urban graffiti, dance and music. Its escalators are the first free public escalators in the country, which guests can explore on their Luxury Gold journey. Travelers will dive deeper into the neighborhood by getting to know a local personality who will tell them how Medellín surpassed its perilous history to become a model city and refuge for American retirees. They will then meet with an expert guide, Chota, a young graffiti girl who was born and raised in the neighborhood, along with a survivor of Comuna 13 when Medellín was at its most dangerous.


These remarkable sights, tastes and experiences in Medellín truly live up to Luxury Gold’s motto of bringing back the golden age of travel. With the launch of Luxury Gold’s 2020 worldwide collection, guests can receive a 10% Early Payment Discount if they book and pay in full before December 18, 2019.



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10% prepayment discount: New bookings only. Applies only to EPD travel in the pricing panel – see 2020 Luxury Gold Worldwide Magazine for details. OFFERS: Based on availability, it does not apply to all trips/departures, and may be withdrawn at any time and without notice. PAYMENT: A non-refundable deposit of $200-$350 per person is due within 3 days of booking with full payment before 18 Dec 2019 or 45 days before departure, whichever is earlier. Additional restrictions apply. CST No. 20687545-20


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