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Hotel Xcaret Mexico Celebrates Mexican Artisans

Hotel Xcaret Mexico Celebrates Mexican Artisans

The Five Diamond awarded hotel supports local communities by proudly showcasing Mexican art


Riviera Maya, México – November 5, 2019 – Hotel Xcaret Mexico, the oceanfront property where thrilling nature-driven experiences and the authentically rich spirit of Mexico come to life, has supported local communities and promoted fair trade practices since opening in 2017. Situated by the azure blue Caribbean and lush Riviera Maya jungle, the premier All-Fun Inclusive® resort features striking architecture, design and art inspired by Mexican traditions and culture. From reclaimed wood furniture to impressive handmade nest lamps produced by native craftsmen, these local aspects are proudly displayed throughout the 900-suite property.


“By working with native artisans, we are supporting the local economy and celebrating the talent of Mexican artists. These unique works of art are deeply rooted in ancient traditions and is one of the ways we pay homage to Mexico,” said Francisco Gutierrez, Chief Hotels Officer.


The hotel effectively blends upscale hospitality with eco-conscious design, leading the way in both sustainability and conservation, without sacrificing style. It’s the first hotel in the Americas to have been awarded the EarthCheck Certification for Planning and Design by the world’s leading scientific benchmarking certification and advisory group for travel and tourism.


Throughout the property, visitors are greeted by a total of 338,852 handcrafted mosaic tiles used on the floors of the hotel’s public areas, in the bathroom suites and along the hotel’s corridors. These ornate tiles are meticulous creations, put together in a multistep process. They are ornamented with Mayan symbols and other themes, with pigments and materials sourced from the Yucatan peninsula. Similarly, Amate paper paintings are distributed throughout the hotel’s common areas that portray Mexican traditions, dances, fiestas and local communities’ daily work life. These beautiful works of art take artisans from San Pablito Puebla and Xalitla 15 days to paint.


Additionally, every suite features hammocks made of nylon, cotton or crochet created by different Mayan communities. These carefully designed hammocks are made using wooden needles and frames, each color representing a feeling based on Mexican folklore. For example, pink represents happiness while yellow represents hope. A further testament to the hotel’s dedication of celebrating Mexican artists is evident in the uniforms worn by the staff. More than 2,200 embroidered fabrics were purchased for these detailed uniforms, sewed by 200 women from the state of Chiapas.


Whimsical soplones, or wind gods, made by local family artisans in the communities of San Francisco Ozomatlan, Guerrero grace the walls of the hotel. To make the soplones, craftsmen gather wood collected from the river during the rainy season. The wood is then carved and shaped, resulting in a creation process that lasts about a year. Guests can admire the 120 one-of-a-kind soplones that are currently exhibited throughout the hotel, each different from the other. For those looking to take home these intricately adorned masks, miniature versions are for sale at the hotel’s boutique store.

Guests can also marvel at beautiful talaveras or pieces of pottery found around the hotel. Made in a craft factory in Tlaxcala, Puebla, artisans process, knead and mold the clay until it reaches a polished stage, eventually removing the imperfections and baking it. Once finalized, artisans hand paint beautiful designs, like flowers, that pay tribute to Mexico’s folklore culture.


At Hotel Xcaret Mexico, each detail and design strategically placed throughout the property allows guests to take in the vibrant culture that defines Mexico. These works of art are truly a love letter to Mexico.



About Hotel Xcaret Mexico:


Hotel Xcaret Mexico is an opulent, oceanfront haven where thrilling nature-driven experiences, superior service and the authentically rich spirit of Mexico come to life. Situated by the azure blue Caribbean Sea and verdant Riviera Maya jungle, the premier all-inclusive resort features striking architecture and design inspired by Mexican traditions, art and culture which reimagines the possibilities of luxury all-inclusive hospitality. Complete with 900 spacious guest suites, 12 distinct dining destinations, multiple swimming pools, a world-class spa and wellness center, the hotel offers guests all the perks and privileges of its exclusive All-Fun Inclusive® concept, where travelers are privy to Grupo Xcaret’s nine nature parks and archaeological tours, free airport transportation and more. Hotel Xcaret Mexico in the only hotel in the Americas to have been awarded the EarthCheck Certification for Planning and Design, and was recently awarded the 5 Diamond Certification, a recognition shared only by 121 hotels out of the 27,000 inspected by the AAA. Hotel Xcaret Mexico promises an unforgettable experience where guests can discover new ways to connect with nature, themselves and loved ones.