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Festive Ways To Celebrate the Holidays through Marketing

Festive Ways To Celebrate the Holidays through Marketing

Written By: Andy Ogg, Editor and Marketing Director – Travel Professional NEWS



The holiday season is here! Aside from preparing for gifts for your clients and finishing papers for the end of the year, you must also focus on preparing your marketing strategy for your business. Since everyone love celebrating the holidays, it can be a great idea to create a consistent brand experience for your clients and followers on social media.


Here are a few ideas that you can do to celebrate the holidays through your marketing collaterals:


Create holiday themed postings

What better way to highlight the holidays through posting on social media? You’ll get to engage with your clients if you post trending topics that will encourage them to engage with your posts. Create holiday-themed posters that feature quotes about the Yuletide season or even give some tips on traveling during the holidays, so your posts can gain likes, comments, and even shares! If you need help on creating posters, Facebook usually has pre-made holiday frames that you can use to promote your brand or you may use free editing tool apps like Canva or Snapped to help you design your Christmas posters.


Run an exclusive promo

Everyone loves deals and discounts during the holidays! A holiday promo campaign is a great way for you to encourage your clients on buying your services (even with a small discount). Try doing a numeric promo like 12 days of Christmas Sale or you may even post exclusive daily discounts, so they have a variety to choose which service to


Offer something extra to your clients

Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our clients. Say “thank you” in a unique way by giving them and extra incentive so that they feel extra special during the holidays. Whether it be a 10% off or even a small token, this strategy is great for you to maintain great relationships with them.


Schedule content in advance

The holidays can be the busiest time of the year as everyone needs to finish everything before the year ends. So to avoid any hassles, schedule your postings in advance to help you visualise your campaign and help you create well-thought collaterals. Before the date of posting, create your posters and even research on trending topics that you’d think will work well for your campaign and schedule it in advance. Facebook has the option for you to schedule items way ahead of time. But if you need help on other platforms, apps like Planoly and Hootsuite can help organise and manage your postings effectively.


Say thank you to everyone you’ve worked with for the year

Celebrate the Yuletide season by appreciating everyone you’ve worked with this year! Since December is also the last month of the year, it can be the perfect opportunity for you to send a heartfelt thank you card to your clients or employees, to share the holiday spirit. Go for personalised notes or even emails with moving graphics, to send some appreciation for those who helped you throughout the year.


Give back

The holidays is often associated with shopping and receiving gifts from our loved ones. However, Christmas is also about getting involved with your community. Celebrate the Christmas spirit by participating in a charity event whether it be virtually raising money for a certain community or attending a Christmas charity event. It’s always good to give back to others and also reinforce what your business’ values and passion for others.