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Discover the Ancient Wonders on Luxury Gold’s Winter and Spring Journeys

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New York, N.Y. – July 30, 2019 – It’s never too late for travelers to explore exotic destinations rich with ancient history and wonder, and Egypt fits both of those categories and more. The Great Pyramids of Giza, along with the ancient treasures and sacred temples that line the legendary Nile River, have been attracting people to this iconic destination for centuries and is one to put on the bucket list.


Luxury Gold’s astonishing journeys to Egypt this winter and early spring allows guests to avoid the crowds and travel in milder temperatures, while opening their minds to the luxuries of exceptional dining, VIP experiences, small group travel and lavish hotels.


Each Luxury Gold journey offers extraordinary personalization and exclusivity for every luxury traveler to enjoy, along with a passionate Traveling Concierge who will assist them every step of the way. Guests will enjoy a seamless booking experience, knowing that their journeys will have enriching and authentic experiences that are invaluable.


Travelers can explore all that Egypt has to offer on these two remarkable journeys:


Elegance of the Nile: Guests will begin this adventurous 12-day journey with sightseeing in Cairo and Giza, where they’ll explore the Great Pyramids and see the guardian Sphinx with a professional Egyptologist. The journey continues with a 7-day river cruise on the luxurious River Tosca, whose stylishly adorned suites are among the most spacious in the industry. Guests will enjoy exceptional diningexperiences, including an onboard welcome reception and gala dinner and Nubian-style hospitality at the traditional dwelling of a local family. They’ll follow in the famous footsteps of Agatha Christie and Winston Churchill when they view the sunset and indulge in a colonial English-style high tea at Aswan’s Old Cataract Hotel. In Luxor, guests will enjoy luxurious comfort at the opulent Winter Palace Luxor Hotel overlooking the Valley of the Kings.


Elegance of Egypt: This 7-day journey will satisfy the lovers of myth and mystery, who’ll be enchanted by the sites of the Great Pyramids, Tutankhamun’s treasureand the enigmatic Sphinx. In Giza, travelers will gaze their eyes upon the visual Sound & Light Show at the Great Pyramids and go back in time while exploring the royal tombs and the Temple of Hatshepsut with an Egyptologist at the Valley of the Kings. On Kitchener’s Island, guests will meet a sailor and learn the art of sailing on an ancient felucca during their 3-day Nile River cruise on the magnificent River Tosca. In Luxor, travelers will get a taste of Egyptian cuisine while visiting a working bakery to witness local artisans make authentic Egyptian bread. Guests will stay at the glamorous Conrad Cairo, with premium rooms overlooking the magnificent Nile River.


From now until Aug. 31, travelers can pick one of our unforgettable journeys to Egyptand travel from Jan. 1 to March 31, 2020 to receive this amazing offer: $400 off per person on Luxury Gold’s 7-day Elegance of Egypt journey or $750 off per person on the 12-day Elegance of the Nile journey—a savings of up to $1500 per couple.



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