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Dive Deep with Atlantis Adventures – Selling Hawaii

Written By: Annika Seavey, Director of Brand Management, Atlantis Adventures


Atlantis Adventures is Hawaii’s premier marine tour operator offering daily submarine tours off Waikiki, Lahaina, Maui, and Kailua-Kona on Hawaii Island, along with sunset dinner cruises along Oahu’s south shore using the high-tech Majestic cruise vessel.


Atlantis Submarines – Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii Island

Atlantis uses the world’s most technologically advanced passenger submarine for its tour operations. Its passenger submarines feature spacious, air-conditioned cabins that offer large viewing portals for each seat and lots of leg and headroom.


Atlantis provides a safe and eco-friendly undersea tour experience of Hawaii’s marine world. Each submarine is battery-powered and emits no pollutants as it moves quietly through the water without disturbing surrounding fish or marine life.


A highlight of the Lahaina, Maui submarine tour is seeing the Carthaginian, a replica whaling brig and former tourist attraction, serving its new purpose as an artificial reef for the marine environment. Atlantis acquired the Carthaginian and used it to create an artificial reef in December 2005 to help support the propagation of marine life and fish in the area.


The Kona, Hawaii Island submarine adventure begins in historic Kailua-Kona town where the Malama Kai shuttle carries guests to the dive site, as they enjoy a picture-perfect view of the sweeping Kona coastline with Mount Hualalai in the backdrop.


Atlantis’ Kona crew guides the submarine on its quiet descent to depths of more than 100 feet and above the abundant coral reef garden growing on the ancient lava flow.


At the Waikiki, Oahu dive site, Atlantis’ trained and experienced crew transfers guests from the shuttle boat into a spacious, air-conditioned submarine cabin. As the pilot guides the submarine into its journey, the results of Atlantis’ artificial reefs can be quickly seen.


A vibrant self-sustaining eco-system is constantly teeming with schools of colorful indigenous fish and other marine life, including green sea turtles, moray eels, stingrays, and reef sharks.


Atlantis Cruises – Oahu

On May 27th, 2016 Atlantis Cruises introduced the Majestic, which is Hawaii’s next generation of cruise vessel to enjoy sunset dinner cruises and special events in the waters off Oahu.


With its sleek, yacht-like design the 150-foot Majestic is Atlantis’s newest state-of-the-art cruise vessel, offering a multitude of options to host couples, families, tour groups, and private functions. Appealing features of Majestic include two classy, but expansive air-conditioned decks lined with panoramic windows and high ceilings, a huge open-air top deck for viewing outdoors, and cutting-edge technology to ensure a comfortable ocean cruise.


Atlantis acquired Majestic early this year and shipped it from Long Beach to Hawaii in late April. Majestic has been inspected and approved by the Coast Guard for tour operations and is currently undergoing final preparations. A blessing ceremony will be held May 26, with Majestic offering its inaugural sunset dinner cruise on May 27.


Majestic is a significant upgrade in quality of experience and being able to customize what we can offer guests seeking a luxurious ocean cruise tour in Hawaii’s waters,” said Ronald Williams, president and CEO of Atlantis Adventures, parent company of Atlantis Cruises. “Majestic is larger than our Navatek cruise vessel. Its spaciousness, floor plan design and interior décor makes it much more comfortable for guests to move about, enjoy the spectacular views and be entertained.”


Williams added that the layout and amenities of Majestic’s three decks, which includes roomy dining areas, a large dance floor, bar and lounge, and space to host a private reception, will provide Atlantis with the flexibility to create new tour experiences and fulfill special requests. Private parties and special celebrations can be held without being interfered by guests enjoying the sunset dinner cruise.


About Atlantis Adventures

Atlantis Adventures has been offering ocean tour experiences in Hawaii for over 25 years. Atlantis Adventures is committed to being sustainable with its tour operations and a responsible steward of Hawaii’s marine environment. The Hawaii Ecotourism Association recognizes the company as a Certified Sustainable Tour Operator.


For more information on Atlantis Adventures, visit or call 800-548-6262


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