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Client Gifting After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written By: Tom Ogg, Co-Owner – Travel Professional NEWS



Even though we are right in the middle of the Corona virus pandemic it isn’t to early to plan for life post-COVID-19. While many states are in the process of reopening their economies, travel will probably be the last to gain its former economic foothold. No one knows what the industry will look like once we get on the other side of this pandemic, but I would suspect that the very nature of the way travelers will engage with their experience will change dramatically.


It seems obvious that social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizers will play an important roll when traveling and that is where the new client gifting after COVID-19 resides. We will take a look at client gifting opportunities and what is available. All of these items can be personalized with your logo or whatever you would like. So, here is the rundown.


Cloth Face Masks: I am not sure that anyone likes wearing face masks, but it appears to be our new reality. There are literally thousands of sources for face masks that can be printed with your information. Prices run from a little over a dollar each to several dollars. This is for cloth face masks in virtually every color and printed with your content. While these are not medical grade face masks, they are accepted pretty much every where masks are required.


Medical Grade Face Masks: The famous KN95 face masks would be great gifts for cruisers and those going to highly populated all-inclusive resorts. Since they pretty much block all viruses, everyone that is flying to their destination should have one for protection on the flight. And, they are not as expensive as one might think.


Face Shields: While used primarily for face protection, they are also excellent for protecting your face from potential virus Plus they make it extremely hard to touch your face when one is wearing one. Also, most of the printing is done on a Face Shield Headband which is reused over and over again as the plastic shield is replaced.


Face Mask Ear Saver: This handy little item saves ears from face mask trauma by allowing the user to hook the elastic bands onto a plastic devise that secures the mask to one’s face without having one’s ears touching the elastic. Everyone will want one of these and they are really inexpensive at under one dollar for quantities as few as 250. Check out to see them.


Bandanas: Bandanas make perfect face masks and can be used in a number of ways. Creating a collectable bandana is a sure way to have your advertisement seen by a good number of people. There is a wide variety of bandanas that include neck gaiters, ski masks and so on.


Nitrile Gloves: Handing out nitrile gloves with your message printed on them is a sure way to put your brand in front of people. They are inexpensive and very useful.


Hand Sanitizers: There are so many choices of hand sanitizers it is difficult to narrow them down as to what would be the best for your campaign. You can get hand sanitizer towelettes, spray or drops all with your logo or saying on them. All advertising specialty companies have these items ready for print.


No Touch Keychain Tool: This handy tool fits on your keychain and can be used to avoid touching things like elevator keys, credit card keypads and touch screen displays. There are many different kinds and they make a great promotional item.


Branded Thermometers: Forehead thermometers are both useful and inexpensive and make great promotional items; especially reusable ones. With the taking of temperatures sure to be a part of the “new normal” it is best to be able to take your own temperature while traveling.


Branded Health and Wellness Kit: Also known as a first aid kit, you can easily assemble antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, band aids, an Ace bandage and so on to create your own branded health and wellness kit that clients will take with them on every vacation.


As you can see, there are a good number of product categories that can become great promotional and useful items to give to your traveling clients. Here are some resources that you can use to chase down any ideas that you might have for client gifting. Has a great variety of medical imprinted advertising specialty items. This site has an excellent selection of medical promotional items. Has KN95 medical grade face masks starting at $3.99 per mask and going down from there depending on the quantity that you purchase. They also have a robust assortment of other medical promotional gifts. Has a large assortment of face masks, face shields and other medical gifts.


KSEImprints: Has a huge selection of face masks and shields along with other medical items.