Digital Marketing in the Travel industry

Digital Marketing for Travel Professionals

A Comprehensive and Insightful Look into the Education, Implementation and Success that Digital Marketing in the Travel Industry can Provide!


Published: January 2021


Authored By: 

Tom Ogg

Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC

Andy Ogg, CTIE



Digital Marketing in the Travel Industry” shares detailed and innovative techniques on how suppliers can reach travel agents and how travel agents can reach consumers using all aspects of digital marketing media. By reading this book you will understand how to:


You will discover:

  • Use Digital Printing and Publishing for Success
  • Create a Dynamic Travel Website that Converts into Sales and Profits
  • Utilize Travel Content Marketing to Expand your Business
  • Turn your Social Media Presence into a New Client Vortex
  • Create Social Media Viral Marketing Tools like Memes, Infographics, Cartoons, Comics and News-jacking
  • Make Email Marketing Campaigns Highly Effective for Maximum ResultsDiscover How SEO and SEM can Grow your Business
  • Unlock the Secrets on How to Create a Successful Banner Advertising Campaign
  • Turn your Smart Phone into a Video Marketing Powerhouse
  • User Friendly Affiliate Marketing Techniques to Build your Business
  • Discover how to yse Influencer Marketing to Grow your Brand
  • And Lots, Lots More!



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