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African Travel, Inc. Launches Online Travel Agent Training

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GLENDALE, Calif., May 30, 2018 – African Travel, Inc., the leader in handcrafted safari vacations to Africa, is pleased to announce the launch of African Travel University.


This innovative eLearning initiative allows travel agents to gain in-depth knowledge of African Travel, Inc.’s thrilling range of itineraries, marketing incentives and exclusive offers, enabling them to maximize their product expertise and unlock greater earning potential. With the successful completion of African Travel University, agents become certified African Travel Specialists and earn 50 Safari Bucks.


“Our highly motivated agent partners appreciate our ongoing commitment to help them skillfully sell our transformational experiences with greater skill and confidence,” said Sherwin Banda, president of African Travel, Inc. “We are 100 per cent committed to our valued partners and their success as industry experts and look forward to continuing this beneficial and winning journey together with African Travel University.”


The first two courses, which open for enrollment as of May 30, are titled ‘Join the African Travel Herd’ and ‘Africa Your Way.’ In the first course, agents learn about African Travel’s five unique selling points, its different travel styles, the destinations the company covers, and what a client may experience during day on safari. On the second, it’s all about how to find the right client, and how to match them to the right destination. Agents will review the destinations clients can visit, and learn how to identify the ideal destination for each safari client.


The Safari Bucks that agents earn upon completion of African Travel University can be used toward participation in an agent educational trip, and can only be earned until June 30. Certification is now a prerequisite to qualify for an educational trip.


African Travel University is part of parent company The Travel Corporation (TTC)’s Agent Academy, which offers e-learning programs for many of its award-winning brands. The courses help agents gain more satisfied clients and repeat business, increase their earning potential, and achieve greater profitability with TTC’s industry-leading commissions while also highlighting TTC’s diversity of immersive travel experiences, industry-leading agent support, and commitment to sustainability.


To sign up for African Travel University, please visit 



About African Travel, Inc. – “We Know Africa”

For over 40 years, African Travel, Inc. has created luxury, handcrafted safaris ensuring immersive and authentic cultural encounters across the continent. “We Know Africa” because our passionate and knowledgeable experts have lived and traveled extensively throughout Africa and can craft extraordinary, life-changing vacations tailored to each guest’s individual needs and preferences, with exceptional five-star service every step of the way. For information and inspiration, visit



African Travel, Inc. shares the coverage available under the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program with affiliates of TravCorp USA, Inc. In addition, TravCorp Financial Services Limited provides a guarantee of $20 Million.


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