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African Travel, Inc. Giving Back to African Communities in Honor of Mandela Day

African Travel, Inc. Giving Back to African Communities in Honor of Mandela Day
BOCA RATON, Fla., July 2, 2019 – People will tell you South Africa will change your life.  This is something African Travel, Inc. is sure of and as Mandela Day approaches on July 18, that idea is driven home as the world prepares to pay tribute to South Africa’s most famous native son.

Today, Mandela Day has become a global movement to change our world for the better. It is about taking action, inspiring change and empowering communities everywhere.


Sherwin Banda, who is president of African Travel, Inc. and a native son of South Africa, will be in Cape Town on July 18 with his family.


“African Travel will donate over 2,000 pairs of socks on Mandela Day and will deliver them to schools in the Capricorn region of Vrygrond,” said Banda. “Giving back is at the core of who we are,” he added.


At African Travel, Inc., we find great inspiration in Nelson Mandela and we honor him with our mission to #MakeTravelMatter.  We honor him in our actions to have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit, to help protect wild and marine life, and to care for the planet we call home.  We do it through sustainable tourism which uplifts local communities and supports wildlife conservation in Africa.  Our commitment is to leave the destinations we visit better than we found them by reinvesting in Africa to ensure the continent remains vibrant for generations to enjoy. 


It can be seen in our support of The Amy Foundation. Built on the foundations of forgiveness and reconciliation, this nonprofit organization offers programs to develop and empower youth ages 5 to 25 in the Cape Town area.  Their mission is to provide a safe environment in challenged and vulnerable communities where they can help develop emotionally well-rounded children and youth who will make positive life choices.  African Travel guests can spend time with the children in their after-school music program.


African Travel has also partnered with Sexy Socks, a charitable company whose mission is to provide free school socks to every child in South Africa’s township schools, where many do not have this basic clothing necessity.  These socks are eco-friendly, made with unique bamboo fibers and crafted by the local women in Cape Town. For every pair of Sexy Socks purchased by African Travel, Inc., a pair of socks is donated to a child in need.  Research has shown that socks are the number requested clothing item in homeless shelters and for those in need.


We also provide an opportunity in our nine-day itinerary, In the Footsteps of Mandela, for a provocative journey of inspiration through the vibrant and culturally diverse “Rainbow Nation.” The fascinating history of Nelson Mandela’s South Africa is brought to life through a collection of soulful encounters with the people and places he touched in his efforts to end apartheid.  Meet the people empowering their local communities through grassroots development programs. Spend time with children at a preschool or seniors at a retirement home. Visit an urban garden or a literacy workshop and be touched by the wonderful raw energy and life of an unforgettable country.


No matter where you celebrate it, the message behind Mandela Day is simple – everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better.