Advertise With Us is one of our fantastic avenues to expose your brand, product or service to Travel Professionals. On top of the, we offer a multitude of avenues to reach quality  Travel Professionals. Some of our sites include,,, as well as our direct Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Webinar services.


We pride ourselves on the quality to deliver measureable results and provide exposure to some of the best Travel Professionals out there. Whether they are home-based, hosted, or storefront, chances are that we can help you reach them in a professional, organized and effective manner.


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2019 Advertising and Marketing Opportunities to Travel Agents

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Travel Professional NEWS Digital Magazine

  • Delivering since 1999
  • 6,000 – 14,000 Readers Per Issue
  • Digital Magazine Results
    • Readership Up    62%
    • Engagement Up  47%
    • Time Spent Up    34%
  • Fully Digital and Interactive with Videos / Links / Social Media / Cross Linking
  • Available Also in Print Copy


With an ever changing climate of digital technology, Travel Professional NEWS continues to stay on the forefront of digital publishing with interactive content that not only is easy and fun to use, but effective. Every issue of Travel Professional NEWS continues to grow and include engaging, useful and important information to help Travel Professionals grow their Travel Business to new heights. 


Having your company in Travel Professional NEWS Digital Magazine allows for our readers to instantly engage with your product, brand and information. With our Active Linking, readers have the opportunity to instantly engage with your message to learn more. In addition, inserting promotional or educational videos about your company is a breeze with our highly innovated publishing software.


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Email Marketing Delivered to Travel Professionals

  • Privately Owned List Established in 1999
  • Emails Sent to Over 90,000 Travel Professionals
  • Geo Location Targeting Available
  • Full Reporting Available Upon Request


For over 20 years, our Email Marketing services have been a successful and engaging way for Travel Professionals to learn and engage with the top providers of travel services. Ensuring that our list is always well maintained, we continue to deliver high quality information and messages to our subscribers, to help them grow and succeed as a Travel Professional.


Promoting your business through our Email Marketing services allows for our subscribers to instantly engage with your content, information and offerings. While many of our competitors send multiple emails per day, we do not. We respect our subscribers and want to ensure we don’t overload them with messages. By doing this, our subscribers continue to show their appreciation by engaging with the Email Marketing messages we provide to them.


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Webinars Hosted by

  • 30 Minute or 60 Minute Webinars
  • Fantastic Way to Connect, Engage and Educate Travel Professionals
  • Promoted, Recorded and Shared Upon Completion
  • Registration and Attendee Reporting Provided


For over 5 years, we have been promoting, hosting and recording Webinars for our clients. Host Agencies and Suppliers alike see fantastic results from this convenient and effective method. 


Whether it’s informing prospective Travel Professionals of your business and offerings or providing valuable information to help Travel Professionals grow their business with your services, Webinars continue to be an effective platform for attracting, education and engaging with quality Travel Professionals.


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Video Marketing Campaign

  • Posted to Account with over 3,000 Subscribers
  • Two Part Video Series Provides Impactful Information on your Message
  • Promoted to 90,000 Travel Professionals and on Social Media
  • Fantastic Reference for Use in Additional Marketing Efforts
  • We Produce, Publish and Promote the Video Series


New for 2019, we are elated to offer our new Video Marketing Campaigns. In an ever changing climate of digital technology, our Video Marketing Campaigns will not only give Travel Professionals an in depth look into key features and offerings of your business but also do so in a timely and impactful manner.


Broken down into two videos, Video One will focus on 3-5 Key Features of your business. The infographic and exciting visuals will compliment your messaging and provide a great insight into the key reasons and benefits for a Travel professional to partner with you. 


Video Two is an interview further elaborating on the key features of your business while bringing a personal touch with a live Video Stream of the Interview, done entirely from your home or office. The interview itself is a combined effort of presented and requested questions to ensure your messaging is delivered exactly as you need it to be.


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  • Established in June 2017
  • Promoted to over 90,000 Travel Professionals
  • Top Destination for Positive and Timely Travel Industry News
  • Fully Responsive and Interactive


Articles and Features published in the Travel Professional NEWS Digital Magazine are additionally cross promoted on the site. This cross promotion of your content ensures that readers who prefer a blog style article have the ability to enjoy your information, while also maximizing the search engine visibility of your content on our platforms.


Having your company represented on allows for visitors of the site to instantly engage with your product, brand and information. With new content added throughout the day, SEO and traffic to continues to increase while becoming a favorite destination for quality Travel Professionals.


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  • Established in 1999
  • Has Enabled Tens of Thousands to Join and Successfully Run a Home Based Travel Business
  • Home of the Free Video Study Course on How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency
  • Fully Responsive
  • Completely Rebuilt in March of 2018


For 2019, continues it’s progressing of complimentary resources, tools and information to assist visitors of the site in setting up and running a successful home based travel business. This site has been published and live for well over 20 years and during time has achieved fantastic search engine rankings and the new website has just improved that already stellar reputation.


Having your company represented on is an absolute must if you are looking to connect with individuals that are looking to join the Travel industry by starting their own Travel Agency. Whether you are interested in first impressions to new agents are looking to expose your tools and resources to business owners that are just getting started, is the place that you need to be.


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  • Established in 2013
  • Premier Resource for Travel Professionals to Research, Learn and Connect with Host Agencies
  • 18 + Available Filters for Users to Narrow their Host Agency Search
  • Fully Responsive
  • Completely Rebuilt for 2019


For 2019, has received a complete site redesign and programming upgrade. This new platform offers a better user experience for visitors and maximizes the strength, functionality and search engine placements of Host Travel Agencies on the website. 


With an extensive database of Press Releases, Articles and helpful information, users of stay longer and research more on our site. In conjunction with the site rebuild, we have added over 18 filters to assist Travel Agents to find their perfect Host Travel Agency. With the recent site upgrades, we have added over 10 new filters to assist in connecting Travel Agents to you, the perfect Host Agency for their business.


Having your company represented on is an absolute must if you are a Host Travel Agency looking to grow your programs with new and prospective Travel Professionals. With tiered placements and featured profiles, getting your Host Travel Agency in front of our growing viewers will not only create the first step of connection, but also allow for a great snapshot of your offerings, programs and incentives for Travel Professionals who join your Host Travel Agency.


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  • Established in 2008
  • The Largest and Highest Caliber Community of Travel Professionals
  • Fully Interactive Social Place for Travel Professionals
  • 100% Complimentary to Vetted Travel Professionals
  • Over 800,000 Pages of Discussion and Information


For 2019, continues to facilitate and engage with Travel Professionals in a free, open and fun environment. From our Weekly Live Chats to Hot Topic emails sent every week, Travel Professional Community members enjoy this invaluable access to tons of information about running a successful Travel Business completely complimentary. 


By advertising on, your brand and messaging is seen on every page of the site, and with over 800,000 pages, that is a great place to be. In addition to fantastic exposure, Members of see advertisers on the site as Supporters and often engage with you, purely based on the support you are providing the best place for Travel Professionals to connect.


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