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7 Holiday Gift Ideas Every Client Will Love

7 Holiday Gift Ideas Every Client Will Love

Written By: Andy Ogg, Editor and Marketing Director – Travel Professional NEWS



Say thank you to your clients’ this holiday season with these ideas!


Giving your clients gifts over the holidays is a great way for you to show them that they mean a lot to you and your business. However, figuring out what kind of gift that you should give can be a bit challenging, since each different client has a different style and preference. If you haven’t come up with some ideas yet, here’s some good news! We’ve created a list on ideas that can be suitable for all your clients.


The gift that can be used everyday

As much as possible, you would want to give your client an item that won’t end up in their junk drawer. That is why it is essential that you do some research on a practical item that they can use every day at work, but with a stylish or modern twist. Try looking for cool items online like an alarm clock lamp, a travel extension cord, or even a mini speaker keychain! There are plenty of options that you can check out, whether you choose to purchase online or buy at your local stores.


The gift that is custom made for them

People love the idea of having gifts that are personally made for them. So if you’re looking to make an impression that lasts, go for an item with a custom print of their name or initials. You may look for personalized bag tags for luggages, printed tumblers for work, or even a passport holder with initials engraved on the cover. Check out for more personalized items, or even consider doing them by yourself!


The gift that they can share

The holidays are meant for joyous celebrations between families and friends. If you want a general gift for all your clients, consider giving them food or beverage that they will love to eat during the holidays. You may opt to give out a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, or even a basket of cookies that they can share with their families and friends. It will also be a great idea to place them in creative packaging so that the gift stands out from the rest.


The gift that inspires giving

Need a corporate gift idea that’s memorable? Spread the spirit of giving back by involving your clients’ in a simple project that involves helping others. You may volunteer in donating blood through Red Cross or even be part of your local food bank and cook meals for those in need in the community. The impact of volunteering as a group will be a very fun experience since you will be working together with your clients’ even outside work.
The gift of choice


A free voucher goes a long way! If you’re not sure what to give to your clients, then give them a gift card so they can choose the gift that they really like. For instance, if you have clients’ who love coffee you may give them with gift certificates from a coffee shop, or if they like to adventure, give them gift certificates to a sports store so they can buy their preferred gear. The best part of these gifts is there’s no pressure to buy the perfect gift as you give them the gift of choice


The gift for the whole year

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Why not give your clients a subscription gift so they can consume their gift for the whole year! Whether it be a free subscription to their favorite app or even a 12 month subscription for their favorite magazine, these rare instances will be surely remembered by them! Plus, the best part of this kind of gift is it can be given to them online, so you can avoid the stress of gift wrapping and even sending it to them on time.


The gift of time

They say that time is gold, so we know how important time is especially for those clients’ who are always on their feet. If you want to give your clients’ something that will surely be treasured, give them more time. Opt to give them freebies from a food delivery app so they won’t have to cook food when they go home tired from work. And if you have clients’ with families, choose to give them a discount pass to a hotel or resort so they can spend time with their kids during the holidays.


Remember that in very gift, it’s the thought that counts. So for as long as you say “thank you” to them through your gift, it will surely go a long way. Happy Holidays!