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5 Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Build Your Business

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Written By: Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC Co-founder and Editor –Travel Professional NEWS®



New Year’s resolutions are a long-standing tradition going back to the ancient Babylonians over 4,000 years ago. While their New Year began in March when their yearly crops were planted, they were also the first to celebrate in honor of a new year.


Each New Year people from all over the world set goals to achieve in the coming year and thus we have those infamous New Year’s resolutions. Many set personal goals for the coming year which include weight loss, focus on better health and other aspirations they hope to achieve by the New Year’s end.


Setting personal goals and business goals are equally important. Here are 5 easy to achieve resolutions for the New Year.


1. I will review how I spend my time

Habits are hard to break. Perhaps you are in the habit of starting your workday the same way everyday, but you are sure how productive that time spent really is as it pertains to results. An easy way to study your routines to ascertain their effectiveness is to simply keep a journal of your day’s activities for a couple weeks. It may seem like a chore to do it, but trust me it will be very enlightening when you sit back to review it. If you are spending an inordinate amount of time doing your accounting, perhaps you can automate it more efficiently to free up your time for something more productive. If your time spent on social media is not providing the results you want, look at paying for a service to help with that and allowing you time to focus on other things to bring you more financial gain.


2. I will re-visit my costs of doing business

It is easy to get in the habit of just paying the monthly or yearly renewals for our business costs. However, it might be well worth the time and effort to do a little shopping around to be sure you are getting the best services you need at a competitive cost. Instead of just opting to renew the yearly agreement for a service or supply do your homework and you may find you can save some money to reinvest elsewhere in your business.


3. I will improve (or get) a social media strategy

We are constantly told how important a successful social media strategy is to the growth of our businesses. We attend seminars, listen to webinars, read books, listen to podcasts and try to find the most efficient and effective strategy possible. If you are not out there in the “social media” landscape yet, you need to be. Make this your year to find the best strategy for your business.


4. I will prospect for new business every day

Setting aside the time every work day to reach out for new business is so important. It is however one of those tasks that is often overlooked and put on the back burner. Reach out to 2 or 3 prospects every day be it by cold calling, a mailing, an email or reaching out to clients asking for referrals. Do this every day and I guarantee your business will grow substantially over time.


5. I will think ahead and be proactive

Now that you are in full swing making 2019 an even better year for you personally and professionally, start to plan for 2020 and beyond. Make a list or create a calendar noting where you would like your business to be over time. Set personal and professional goals and use this as a motivational tool to stay on track with this year’s goals and as a plan of attack for the future years.


There is always room for improvement in our businesses and the start of the New Year is a great time to focus on ways we can improve on our business plans moving forward. Wishing you success and joy in your next business year!