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5 Fastest-Growing International Destinations for U.S. Travelers

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. November 7, 2019 — Egypt is once again the fastest-growing international destination for U.S. travelers, but reports show new destinations are on the rise, according to travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth.


Squaremouth reveals new travel trends for the top 5 fastest-growing international destinations.


5 Fastest-Growing International Destinations for U.S. Travelers 


  • Egypt remains the fastest-growing international destination for the second year in a row with an 84% increase in travelers this year.


  • Puerto Rico secures a top 5 spot with a 42% increase, just two years after the impact of Hurricane Maria.


  • Portugal returns to the top 5 list after experiencing slow growth in 2018.


  • U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Portugal, and Panama have surpassed Morocco, Tanzania, and Colombia as top 5 fastest-growing tourist destinations over last year.
    Country Year Over Year Increase
    Egypt+ 83.54%
    U.S. Virgin Islands+ 44.30%
    Puerto Rico+ 42.13%
    Portugal+ 40.17%
    Panama+ 32.99


Average Trip Cost Increases Slightly


  • Trip cost increased less than 2% on average for the top 5 destinations.


  • Travelers heading to Egypt saw the highest increase and spent the most on their trips, with an average cost of $5,145.


  • Travelers going to Panama spent the least at $3,023.


Country Average Trip CostYear Over Year Change
Egypt$5,145+ 12.67%
U.S. Virgin Islands$3,744– 7.04%
Puerto Rico$3,086+ 3.63%
Portugal$3,908+ 8.23%
Panama$3,023– 8.62%

All Generations Enjoy Top Destinations


  • Millennial travel saw the highest increase in tourism to Panama, more than doubling over last year.


  • Egypt saw the highest increases from Gen Z, Baby Boomer, and Silent Generation travelers.


CountryGen ZMillennialGen XBaby BoomerSilent Generation
Egypt+ 149%+ 62%+ 64%+ 99%+ 100%
U.S. Virgin Islands+ 26%+ 37%+ 38%+ 40%+ 59%
Puerto Rico+ 51%+ 51%+ 51%+ 33%+ 16%
Portugal+ 31%+ 30%+ 39%+ 45%+ 47%
Panama+ 97%+ 104%+ 41%+ 29%+ 29%

Surprising Decrease for Popular Destinations


  • Iceland grew significantly in popularity in 2017 and 2018, however the closure of low cost carrier WOW Airline in March 2019 may have contributed to a 13.28% decline this past year.


  • Russia and China also saw a slowdown in growth, decreasing by 4.74% and 4.40% respectively.
Country Year Over Year Decrease
Iceland– 13.28%
Russian Federation– 4.74%
China– 4.40%


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